I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help

As a young girl, I marveled at the work of my grandfather, Chicago Tribune photojournalist, Val Mazzenga. In high school, he gifted me with his film gear, his name monogramed onto the back of the camera body. There was something so deep and meaningful about holding his camera in my hands and realizing that this camera had seen it all– from the Jonestown Massacre to Mother Teresa, faces of mass starvation to President Richard Nixon on Air Force One.
Through his legacy, my passion for photography was encouraged and born. My camera became my BFF. When I was 16 my grandfather helped me get my first job as a professional photographer.
I went on to study photography in school but graduated with a degree in psychology. As a photographer, I am blessed to be able to merge those two worlds– psychology and art. I am so filled by the work I get to do, it is such a gift.